100% Italian Eco-friendly furniture


ORAdesign is a young company that chooses to be daring and give vent to creativity by reinterpretation of abandoned materials and waste, to create art and design objects proud of their uniqueness. We let ourselves be inspired by every used object that triggers emotions, with its history and its mysterious past, transforming it in a new creation where the signs of time are an added value making everything special and unique.
Breathing new life into what was once considered a "waste", is our specialty. Our motto is: LONG LIFE TO Materials!
We aim to be a fully sustainable business, selling only sustainable products. Our recycled furniture reduces greenhouse gas emissions by signi?cantly saving the amount of energy needed to manufacture new products that people usually buy.
Now a days there are lots of claims of environmental friendly or eco products but there is not a lot of transparency, so consumers have an understandably difficult time navigating the whole area of sustainability. We aim to provide that transparency so you know what you are buying and how exactly you are helping environment.
ORAdesign creations allow people to have less impact on the planet and directly contribute to today's and tomorrow's quality of life.
But why choose an ORAdesign creation? Because it is something unique, something that has an added value of the Hand, the Mind, the Taste, the Creativity and the IDEA, that through the sensibility of someone who sees in the material all that others do not see, take the form of furniture, sculptures, art and design. The dream? Bring uniqueness to every home with a 100% Italian design creation.

The laboratory

The space where the magical creations of ORAdesign come to life is in Messina, in Rometta Marea, Via Nazionale 273 . The laboratory is private, but with a call notice we'll be happy to welcome you and offer also a good coffee.

immagine illustrative oggetti realizzati
immagine illustrative oggetti realizzati
immagine illustrative oggetti realizzati